Show tasks and milestones per project in Portfolio Timeline

The portfolio feature is nice, but it has some limitations. Within the time line i would like to be able to see Milestone and tasks, not just milestone.

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The Portfolio Timeline allows you to visualise all projects of your Portfolio in a Timeline view, but I’m afraid it doesn’t allow you to see these projects at the task level. If you’re looking to see tasks across multiple projects, simply multi-home all tasks of these projects in a Master Project > it will allow you to see all tasks of these projects and in a Timeline view!

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Hi @Emily_Roman, assigning all taks to a Master Project is a very inefficient way to create a timeline overview of multiple projects. Being able to see the individual tasks / milestones in the Portfolio Timeline or see combine timelines of multiple projects would be a better solution. The Timeline feature of Portfolios is now really useless.


I agree with Rolf and Scott. If there were a way to select a project in Timeline view and expand to see all tasks – like add a + to each project to expand or collapse it, that would give us the flexibility to see a quick, simple due date view or a more comprehensive task view. It’s really inefficient to have to click through every project individually to see task status.


Thanks for the confirmation @Kim_Ethridge. Since most of our colleagues work on multiple project it’s really essential to have an overview with multiple projects in order to make an effective planning.

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I agree. I upgraded to Business because I thought this was a feature of Portfolio timeline. It seems like an easy fix as we really just need these projects to be able expand out (show tasks) in “timeline” view. Creating a “multi-home” home page would be way too time-consuming.


We are a small org that uses portfolios for resourcing, but we’d like to see multiple projects on a single timeline view in a portfolio. When I do this, I only see milestones rather than tasks. I’ve seen elsewhere in the forum that tasks are not supported in timeline view in a portfolio, which is a bummer. But I see nothing but milestones. Am I supposed to see a high-level “start and end” bar, as per this screenshot from the support forums? I’d love to have some sort of bar-type indicator for overall project timelines, not just the milestones within it.

Hello @Allison_Usavage,

yes correct in portfolio timeline view you can see the project range.

If you would like to see all tasks that works in the project timeline view: How to Get Started With Asana Portfolios | Product Guide • Asana

Here is great explanation by Emily

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I too just upgraded to Business for the feature to see all my tasks across multiple projects in a portfolio. My guess is that is everyone’s expectation. It appears that workload does essentially what we are asking for as far as I can tell. However, I’m pretty sure that we are not clear why a timeline would look different in a portfolio view than it would look in a project view with the exception that it would only show our tasks. Another solution would be why not add timeline view to the My Tasks under the home button. You have the calendar view there. Why not the timeline view there? Easy fix it would seem unless I am missing something. Thanks!