Timeline - view multiple projects together



I am also looking forward to having this feature implemented. A timeline across all projects would be extremely valuable from a management perspective.


+1 This would be really helpful


Unfortunately Asana isn’t tailored for Project Managers, who needs to have an overview of many projects and many people. This is a big missing feature, like the inability to filter your notifications (inbox) by project.



+1, I need to report the progress on several projects that have no link between them, I guess I need to find a report for each project then merge each of the projects reports together.

@Asana: when is this planned to be released? Thank you


@Francesco_Canovi we solve this deficiency by using tags - I use the tag “Client Milestone” for the tasks where we deliver our work to our client. Note that we have 40+ discrete ongoing projects in the program that I manage, and this method gives us the ability to build reports (“Searches” in Asana nomenclature) that give us visibility across all projects in terms of deadlines.


That’s a pretty good idea @dean.clough , and it lead me to another. What if a tag included a timeline view. Tags already have a list, calendar, and file view. This would create the ability to configure a custom Timeline based on a tag that you could add to any Task you wanted on a Timeline and only the Tasks you wanted on a Timeline. It would provide for a highly customizable Timeline while building on functions (tags and timelines) that already exists in Asana.

Having more than one Project on a Timeline would be valuable, but having control over exactly what Tasks are in a Timeline would be invaluable.


Also looking to have this feature implemented. Definitely a must have. It seems as well from a project management perspective that projects ending / starting dates depend on one another and it should be implemented accordingly.


We are also needing this feature. So consider this another +1!
Hopefully we will hear when this will be implemented! Thanks!!!


+1 on this feature, I really hope we see it soon, as we are right in the middle of trying to plan out 2019 for our team and we need the full timeline view so we can properly plan and staff. I unfortunately assumed that this would be a standard feature in Asana!


If a commonality (say, a “communications” column, abides across multiple projects), would it safe to say that it feed the timelines across these projects?

Thanks, Samuel


Hi! We love Asana…have been using it for years and recently upgraded so we could use the Timeline feature. On an individual project basis…it is excellent. But if a Project Manager wants to see what tasks are coming complete this week across all projects, there is no combined view timeline. So we end up maintaining our current excel gantt chart. Surely the wonderful developers at Asana can whip this up!? If its a current project (not archived) and there are tasks added to the individual timeline…you should be able to hit a “Master Timeline” button and see Project Name and then any Tasks. Please make this!!!


So, portfolios are introduced to asana. We can now track the progress of multiple projects in one overview.

But why is there no timeline or calendar view for portfolios?