Timeline - view multiple projects together


Really wanted to use Asana for managing our department’s projects but not having the ability to see the timeline across Portfolios or multiple Projects is a deal stopper. We will be using Monday.com instead as it has this ability.


I assumed this capability was the bread and butter of Portfolios and honestly was the primary reason for my decision to upgrade to Business tier subscription. Without it I agree with the “glorified folder” statement earlier in this thread and honestly feel like a victim of bait and switch


Signed up for Business today assuming this was the whole point of Timeline, disappointed to realise it’s not possible. Please implement this soon!


Another voice on the pile here. As a project manager I’m having a very hard time justifying Asana to my boss when it’s not mechanically possible to set up a master timeline that we can use to see upcoming due dates on tasks from all projects. We have implemented various workarounds but the fact keeping it current requires lots of complex labor makes it often unreliable (not everyone on our team is a master Asana user adept with cross indexing tasks, etc).

I understand that there are a lot of logistical considerations but its hard to imagine anything more critical for a project management platform to have! Really hoping this is your highest priority.


Having only just set my team up on Asana, this is the one requirement my manager would like to see. We upgraded to get portfolios and have found that it still doesn’t help give us a wholistic view of all projects and their timeline so that we can see how we are tracking. We are using asana to project manage our client accounts along their customer journey. A fairly unique thing but if we can nail the timelines we can see this really helping us. Fingers crossed!