Timeline - view multiple projects together

Me too! No point using Asana if you can’t get the overview of all project in one calendar.

Yes, but don’t you have to pay for this?

This is incredibly frustrating, The info has to remain in PM’s heads

When can we expect progress on this Asana

Should we start looking elsewhere for solutions?

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Wrike has this feature, we decided to use that instead.

We have been using Microsoft Planner inside Microsoft Teams until now (already licensed by our enterprise). The sole reason for looking into an external paid platform is the ability to have high-level visibility in a calendar or timeline, on all projects and their phases.

It’s a real shame, I like Asana otherwise.

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Our organization’s regional office is looking to switch from Basecamp to Slack integrated with a better project management tool, with the implication that other regional offices may also adopt the apps we are using afterwards.

One of our needs is to see all of our project timelines (Gantt chart style!). This is an incredibly important part of transitioning in our new director, who will have to be the one eventually initiating and assigning staff to most of these projects.

We signed up for a trial today and are surprised and disappointed that this feature isn’t already available in Premium! It was brought up way back in July 2018 and backed with a promise that it will be looked into “soon”! Asana, we want to love you, and we do love the other features you offer — can you please respond with a more definite timeline of when “soon” is for seeing all of a team’s projects on one timeline?


@Jon_Buehler how did you achieve this?
How do you get “every other task…you want to see…” to show up in a single view? A step-by-step would be amazingly helpful!

@Peter_Trataris what do you mean when you say "add tasks across all teams/ projects to this new project? Can you be more specfiic? I’m brand new to this…

How do I get all of my existing project tasks to show up in a “master” project timeline?

@Marie Would appreciate an answer to the same question - how do we get all existing projects to show up in one master project timeline? / when will this be up and rolling on Asana?

After reading the thread above it seems the conclusion is that there is no simple way to do this for now. For the time being, I have shifted my timelines to instagantt where this particular feature is easy to do (whilst obviously the software is missing other features).

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(This post had a lot of screenshots but the rigid discourse permissions settings prevented me from tagging people or posting more than one image :no_mouth:)

I’m in the midst of evaluating Asana to try to organize multiple projects as well and was really scratching my head about how this works. I’ve figured it out, and unfortunately for a truly streamlined workflow, it means paying for Asana Business plan which is significantly out of my price range. @Marie or if anyone at Asana is listening, it would make a big difference to have the basic ‘Add to project’ rule available in the Premium Plan.

If you are only on Premium (not sure about free):

  1. Create a new ‘Overview’ project
  2. In your other projects, bulk select multiple tasks, (select first, hold shift and select last) and bulk add them to the Overview project via the popup at the bottom of the screen
  3. In your overview project, you can now see all the relevant items - though you do lose Section information

If you can afford Business, do the same, but set up a rule to ‘Add to project’ automatically.

Or better yet, use the Portfolios feature which I basically makes the above workflow moot.

As a freelancer running a small studio with no project manager, I was really hoping Asana could help me get an overview of all my projects at a glance, but sadly I can’t afford the insane €599 annual cost just for this functionality.

Granted - the reality is that the Portfolio feature is what everyone is asking for. I just doubt that it’s entirely possible for most people to be able to afford it nor would they probably want to trickle these features down to a cheaper plan.

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Hi @waffl, and thank you so much for your candid feedback and for taking the time to share the steps of your workaround to have visibility on multiple projects from a one timeline, I’ve no doubt that it will be helpful to other community members looking at this thread. And as you mentioned, it is possible to implement other basic features as multi-select to streamline your workflow and then multi-home all your tasks in the master project at once.

Our Portfolio feature is currently available at the Business tiers and I don’t believe we’ve planned to introduce it to our Premium tiers for now, but this is hopefully something we can revisit in the future. While I don’t have any update on this topic to share today, I’ll make sure to update this thread as soon as I do!

In regards to your request of having the “Add to project” Rule in Premium, I’d recommend you creating a separate request in our #productfeedback category to allow other users to upvote this feature request.

Seconding the request for timeline for all projects, it is a really needed feature.

@waffl (and others here)… FYI the “Add to project” rule is available in my Flowsana integration which makes it available to Asana Premium users. Granted you have to pay for Flowsana, but it might be less expensive for you than Asana Business.

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Thank you so much for sharing @Phil_Seeman! :star: