Timeline: Can I see a Gantt chart view of all projects?



I understand we can use timeline in the project view- which is awesome. I love this tool.

My question is if it is possible to use a Gantt chart-style view of ALL projects together.

For example, I want to show my director all projects I’m working on so that when he adds a new project I’m empowered to say “no” because it’s clear that all the projects give me a full load. I could always remove a current project or delay another one.

I just want to show him a high level view of all projects I have, how the overlap, and how deadlines are in place.


@Marshall_Snedaker - not in native Asana, but there is an Instagantt integration that lets you combine projects together in a single gantt-style view!


You can also create a master project, and then you multi home some tasks.

For instance, you create a main task in each of your project with the name of the project, and with your project duration (start date + due date). Then you attribute this tasks to your master project also.
If you do so with all your projects then you’ll have a master project looking like a kind of roadmap.


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You can also have a look at this thread, you should find some useful information!