Timeline - view multiple projects together

Thanks for flagging the portfolio + workload option. Unfortunately at more than 2.5x the current paid plan’s cost, without even a trial period, this will be quite unaffordable for us. Surprised it’s not included in the “Premium” paid plan which we’re on as I would’ve thought this would be a fairly standard feature needed by anyone managing multiple people or projects.


Here’s a way to do it - in a way satisfying to most of you - although it takes some steps

In this video Add tasks to multiple projects • Asana it shows how to add a task to multiple projects - so:

  1. Create your “Overview Project” in which you would like multiple projects

  2. Go into each of your projects, you would like to see together in one timeline, and select all your tasks and assign the “Overview Project to them” (you will probably need to enable the “project” under Customization in the List view to be able to do this)

NOTE: This solution is a bit troublesome if you use Sections - If you try it you will see what I mean

  1. Now all of the projects you did Step 2 for, are in the “Overview Project” and if you go into Timeline, each task will have the color, which it is assigned to, so you can distinguish between them. I particularly like the Sort By Assignee function in Timeline, which allows you to see your project colors as well as an easy overview of all people’s tasks.

And yes, the tasks will be updated whenever the assignee or PM changes anything in their own projects. The task is kind of “synchronized” in every project it is assigned to.

'this worked for me. There is an easy way to select multiple tasks and then you just add to the new project. gave me full timeline and calendar view across many projects.

Hi Terri. So, any news for this feature? I really need it and it’s insane to check each task for each project one by one and assign it to a “general” project…Thanks

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After serveral hours spending to find and alternative (Funcionfox, Freedcamp, Toggl, Kerika, Meistertask and so on…) I’m trying Zenkit and it seems really what I was looking for. If anybody has any suggestion you could write them here…thanks.

Hi there,
I am also looking for this feature and am totally disappointed that it’s not available on Premium. I want to let you all know that TogglPlan DOES have this feature, although not a lot of the other features you might want. I’m actually trying to find software that does a good job of CRM + PMS, in case you have any suggestions. Currently playing with Asana and Dubsado.

@Lulu_White - Scoro is a pretty good CRM, PMS, and BMS. Can be quite expensive though.

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We also need this feature desperately, without the ability to cross-reference timelines the whole timeline (and premium feature plan) is quite useless. We settled on the master timeline board ourselves but is a really time-consuming and clunky solution. Disappointed to see the requests for this feature go back three years.

Thank you for the details. Would that also include any additional subtasks that are created after this process was done? What I’m concerned about is that any new tasks/subtasks that we create are typically urgent, but requiring someone to remember to add them to the overview would mean those tasks will fall through the cracks.

Just here to add my voice and state that this is a feature that is severely lacking for Asana and I would love to see it implemented ASAP.

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This still seems like such an obviously needed feature. :smiley:

Also adding my voice!
This really too bad. We are still in the trail periode and in first glance Asana is wow but, not having the ability for a timeline overview of all running projects is a deal breaker for us. We are looking for a visual way to see where we have time gaps to squeeze in new requests/projects… The workaround sounds very time consuming and we are looking for solutions to give us extra time to focus on projects itself instead loosing time on using software.

We are a small company so we won’t pay big bucks for something like this… I guess we will look for a real Gantt Chart solution…

Hi, just wanted to add my voice to this. I have been trialing the free version of Asana and want to justify upgrading to Premium; it would be an easy call to make but for this missing feature. The ability to track tasks as a timeline across projects is a key element I was really hoping to find in the project management tool that my department will ultimately invest in.


Has this been implemented? I saw someone respond that it was on the roadmap in 2018.