Introducing Gantt view

Our government clients require this tool but we have to print it. The government is NOT going to click links to look at Gantt charts. When is the print to pdf function or export to pdf going to be available for this and timeline? This has been long requested and until this happens many are stuck in MSP or Smartsheets.


This is great! Will the Baseline “Snapshot” be data that is available to leverage via the API or other integrations?

It’s not currently available via the API (and thus other integrations). Asana doesn’t publicize their roadmap so we’ll have to wait and see if that’s something that gets added to the API in the future.

Amazing feature! I was wondering if with the UI, there’s an intention to help visualise weeks in the month view (currently we only see the month’s name)

When new projects were coming in, we used to quickly draft high-level phases of a project this way in a spreadsheet, which was extremely efficient. Then we would go more granular upon sign-off.


There is not enough display of the responsible person and the name of the task on the chart itself

This is great! Looking forward to the webinar about this feature on Oct 4!

This is great. Upon testing, @Emily_Roman, can I submit a request to have a farther out view than “Years” as it won’t show a full year in the view? Perhaps “Multi-year” that goes from “month” at the minimum viewable tier to perhaps “quarters” to fit more data across multiple years in the view.

Additionally, PLEASE add a compact view to Gannt like we have for List View as each task taking up 2 lines due to the date field is not compact enough to see more data vertically. I can’t adjust date column width like in List view to make rows more compact.


Also, NEW GLITCH is subtasks where they are completed but date still shows in RED as past due in Gantt view (List View does not show in RED).




Great points @Brock_Taylor these get my +1 for both

  1. compact view, and
  2. same glitch were complete tasks for me are still showing red due dates

Anyone has provided answer to this request to see the Assignee on the main view?

Hi, I cannot see the critical path on Gantt view in my Premium plan. Is this feature (critical path) available only in Business+ plans?

HI, @AnnaPapiernik
Would it not be possible for it to become so?

I do not see the option “Highlight critical path” on Premium account. I have only auto-schedule and baseline options.


Hi @AnnaPapiernik , indeed it seems like ‘Highlight critical path’ is a Business+ feature, which also applies for the Timeline view too.

@Bastien_Siebman , you may want to include this in Differences between features overlapping in tiers (you may also want to shift all the tasks to the right a bit too :sweat_smile: )
Conclusion: Timeline and Gantt views are available in Premium but without ‘Highlight critical path’ feature.


Trying out this new feature and pleased it has been added.

I have been creating a standard project plan using milestones and tasks with dependencies. Asana allows for the task\milestone to have a dependency “block” or “blocked by”. However, when first entered along with a duration, the dates don’t abide by the block. Reentering the task\milestone sometimes fixes the problem but it is not consistent. I have auto-schedule tasks option selected and I have played with the Dependency management options to no avail. One time, I noticed the app re-org’ed (refreshed?) the Gantt display but I don’t see an option to force the refresh. Checked documentation but didn’t read anything relevant. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Love this feature!! But how can I add custom field columns (like assignee, project status) to Gantt view?

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Not currently possible in Gantt view.

Hello Eileen,

Thanks to your team for providing this much needed product! I have a few questions about the product, which may have been answered in the webinar on October 4th - was that meeting recorded so I can view it? I unfortunately missed it, but have been searching for this functionality in Asana since I began with my company in January! (We are a 100+ person company which use Asana) Thanks for any help in this regard.



Gantt diagram view would be even better if task duration could be less than one day. So far I haven’t been able to make any of my tasks be shorter than 1 day, while in the real life my tasks are measured in fractions of an hour.
When would be possible to plan in, let’s say, 10-15 minutes time blocks?

How do we expand the task description window so that the view isn’t cutting off the tasks - which we need to be able to see next to the Gantt line for context?

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I am using this view to set up years-long development timelines that can easily be viewed and managed by my company’s upper leadership, while also showing them how long each task will be worked on by the team.

I have a couple of questions:

  • Is it possible to have the names of the tasks or the tags visible in the time block?
  • Can each section have its own critical path?
  • Is there a way I can compress the view so that even with many tasks in a section, the page isn’t so long? (such as having the time blocked spaces with task names one after the other next to each other)
  • Can scroll bars be added so that it is easier to move through the timeline?
  • Is there a way I can add a column next to “duration” to show how many days are left until that due date? Like a countdown?