Differences between features overlapping in tiers


If you have been using Asana long enough, things used to be easy: a feature was related to a plan. Workload was a Business feature. Custom fields were a Premium feature. etc

But things started to get blurry and we recently realised a lot of features where actually overlapping plans/tiers, with subtle differences.

At iDO we worked on a full list just to do our job better as consultants. We thought it could be useful to the community as a whole.

To make things interesting, we used a read-only Timeline view as a way to share our findings. Just click on the image :slight_smile:

CleanShot 2023-09-05 at 11.03.29

PS: this is meant to be a collaborative list, so let us know if there are mistakes or missing pieces


Nice! This list is really needed and helpful. (Also, cool and clever use of the timeline view to create a nice display.)

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Yes, very creative display!!!

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