How can I differenciate campaign milestones from other milestones in timeline view

In big projects, I usually use one section for the big campaign milestones (p.ex.: Product Announcement, Launch, etc…). Then, in other sections (p.ex. Product development) I use milestones again in order to structure this part of the project. In timeline view, all milestones are treated the same - his creates confusion in big projects with a lot of milestones.

  • Is there somehow a way to differentiate between project milestones and lower level milestones?
    *Has anyone with similar challenges found a workaround for this?
  • I imagine that it might be very useful to freeze some sections to the top of the timeline view and use this for campaign level milestones. (like freezing rows in spreadsheets). Any thoughts on that from the developers side?

Hi @Micha_Kuechler Although I do like the gantt in Asana it isn’t as powerful as other PM tools such as Wrike and Clickup that help to segment work between milestones. But this year may see that changed.

Nomenclature, sections, and dependencies are the only ways I have seen to parse this data out.