Projects with multiple phases: best way to differentiate a “gap” in the timeline view


We use Asana to manage our IT projects and portfolio. Several of these projects are multiphases. eg: first phase is implement and launch the new product, second phase is system enhancements. We track all phases in one project for easier tracking. However, one pain point is that sometimes there are time gaps between the phases i.e. next phase doesn’t start immediately at completion of earlier phase. Due to this in the portfolio view of the projects, it appears as an empty bar. What we want to do is differentiate this “gap” in the timeline view.

Wondering if someone else have similar use case and a workaround to show this gap clearly on the timeline bar? Thanks.

@Amisha_Choksey would it be appropriate to fill the gap with an activity that is primarily driven by time like “public feedback”. This could even conclude with some form of a survey or collection of field data that I suspect would feed the next stage of developing and releasing enhancements.

If a separate event/task doesn’t make sense to fill the gap then perhaps you could draw a dependency.

Would either of these work?

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@Jerod_Hillard Thank you so much for reply. That makes sense to have a filler activity or drawing a dependency.