Gantt View Appreciation + Feedback Post

Hello - Ive been using the Gantt view quite extensively and wanted to dump feedback here to allow other users to comment.

Firstly - huge thanks for bringing this traditional PM view to Asana. Its filled a critical gap in our Asana based tool set. And given me great relief in making the decision to keep our construction company using the tool as we need a true Gantt view for our work. Looking forward to continued development of its feature set.


  1. Load in with “Today” focused on the timeline view, as opposed to the start date of the earliest item.

  2. Add in ability to open/close all subtasks with one click

  3. Filters and more sorting (although the start date sort is fine for now)

  4. Color Legend (I think this helps support any timeline based view like well… timelines - especially in portfolio view)

  5. Add “start date” variable to rules so that we can create rules that are dependent on the start of an event.

    • e.g. Start Date approaching (1 week) + task status is “unscheduled” > send Slack notification to user x
      -e.g. Start Date is today > send notification to Slack channel
  6. Dependency upgrades to allow for more complex relationships.

    • Allow for us to make items dependent on the beginning or end of another task
    • Allow us to offset the dependency from start or end with +/- values
    • Current workaround is: Creating a subtask in the blocked task. But can’t tie it back to the parent task with the limited dependency functionality
  7. Ability to export an enlarged view meant for printing on larger format paper

    • admittedly this is a fairly use case specific request as we would want to print the Gantt Schedule on architecture plan paper and hang on a job site.
  8. Subtasks and reporting interaction (feels broken)

    • I am enjoying setting subtasks as milestones over the course of the parent task. Keeps the milestones neat and close to its related activity.
    • However, these milestones dont roll up into the project reporting dataset. So Im now losing the ability to report on milestones.
    • I feel like Im bumping up against some Asana logic of how subtasks don’t automaticially inherit their parent tasks project. But since Gantt view specifically DOES show the subtask (regardless of whether it belongs to that project or not), and my projects making use of Gantt are heavily designed around that view type, the interaction now feels a bit broken.
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I too am looking forward to the Gantt view.
I believe there are various requests regarding the current state, but I believe it will be further improved to be effective in construction, civil engineering, and manufacturing industries.

Hello @FenwayJohnny and thank you so much for taking the time to share your feedback with us; we appreciate it so much!!

I’m going to escalate your feedback to the team who built the Gantt view, but I would recommend creating separate threads for the great ideas and feedback you shared so that other users can vote and comment specifically on topics that matter to them. That will also allow us to better follow up and organize the conversation.

Thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts with us :sparkles: