Assign Task - Cannot Change Due Date

Hello folks!

Curious, is there a way to assign a task to someone and not have them be able to change the due date? Seems like a feature that a lot of people would want to avoid team members shifting dates to their own convenience.

Holding thumbs that this is in place and I simply can’t find it.

Thank you!


Unfortunately not, if they own/are assigned a task, they have the ability to change the date and any information in/on the task.

Usually the PM or person who assigns/creates the task will be a collaborator and can have oversight over ‘unapproved’ changes.


If wanted to check on whether or not a date had been changed, you could also click into a task and have a look at the history:



Hi @Chris2 -

This has been prioritized on our product roadmap :). Stay tuned for updates.


@Chris2 I view this as one of those things you have to explicitly communicate to your team in terms of “this is how we use Asana - i.e. don’t change due dates. If you’d like to make a change, discuss with the person who assigned it to you”.

It’s good to have a bit of a rulebook of the best practices you want your team to follow when using Asana.


Hi Paul, sure, but with larger teams and so forth it would be incredibly useful to lock in a task with no flexibility. From a development point of view, it wouldn’t be a super complex integration - I’m a coder, so I’m talking from my knowledge. I hear your point, though, but still see it as valuable :slight_smile:

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Any update on this request?

The problem is the current notation only shows what the date was moved to and not what the original date was. Ideally, it would show both the original date and the new date. Locking the date would be even better so only the PM can change, or perhaps have the ability for a user to request a date change.


Any update on this feature being added?


Hi @Tom_Zazueta! Glad to hear your enthusiasm here. To clarify, if you’d like to make a feature request, feel free to post in the #productfeedback category. Thanks!

Hey Guys… Any update on this yet?

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No update at this time, Kiran :slight_smile: We’ll let you know when we have one!

any updates on when this feature would be added ?
its almost a year since this was added to the “Priority”

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Any updates, excited to see this functionality!


Absolutely second this, it is the one thing holding us back from using Asana more extensively and still having to continue to use other project management software (which is a pain because it doesn’t allow easy collaboration.

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I’m surprised that this request wasn’t met with more urgency, it seems like one of the most obvious things to include. Allowing anyone to change dates to anywhere within a piece of project management software is counter intuitive of note!


I’m also waiting for this request being fulfilled! Unabling some people to change due dates & assignee, meanwhile still maintaining their flexibility to work on their own initiatives (e.g. add subtasks, add attachments, comments, etc.) is very helpful.

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What would be good to hear is if this action is on Asana’s own timeline! If so, when is it scheduled for? A simple yes or no would be a help to allow users to decide whether to commit to Asana as a long term project management solution. Silence helps nobody.

Yes I would also like to see this implemented in Asana soon! We have an international team we work with and we want to limit their ability to change due dates (actually hard ship dates) for tasks that are assigned to them.

Can someone from the Asana Team provide an update on this?

Hi , this is definitely a must have. And quick. Working with team worldwide, because crazy when you have multiple project with multiple team, shifting your timeline… It does not make sense, people assign to task can change their due date if they have comment only permission.

So 2 years went by - what has been done to tackle this simple CR?
This is a must have and without it being able to organize my tasks is a mess.