Why are commenters able to change the due date?

Spent a lot of time getting a project setup only to realize afterwards that any user within the project can change due dates as they please.

How can I disable users within projects from altering a due date? I don’t want to keep track of any minor activity changes, a hard lock would be better.


I think it’s slightly different:

Commenters (for example, setting Commenter as the default access, and the same Commenter for any project members) may not change due dates, except…

Assignees of tasks can change the due date; that can’t be changed, but you could add a rule (with the right plan level) to track if you wanted.



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Well yes true, but of course the tasks need to be assigned. I just don’t want the person responsible for the task to be able to edit the task.

You can vote here for that functionality:



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