How to create a fixed Due Date for a Task

Is there a setting or best practice way to create a “hard stop” date on a Task so that the Assignee cannot change the Due Date?

The easiest example is a live event on a set date, the date and time cannot change. We’re setting up Task dependencies and understand how to use both the Timeline and Task views for setting Start, End, and Dependencies, but haven’t determined how to set an “unchangeable” due dates for key tasks.


You can’t lock down a task due date. But you can:

  • have a project called “locked dates”
  • multi-home those tasks into the project
  • have a rule that says “if due date change, then X”

X could be:

  • comment they don’t have the permission
  • assign to a manager
  • mention a manager in the comments

Does this help?

PS: if you make your project comment-only, only the assignee can change the date…

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Thanks, Bastien. I’ll give these methods a try to see if they solve the challenge.

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