Move task updates from the comments feed into their own section so comments and updates are separate

Having task updates in the comments feed looks very messy. Also, the way that updates are written does not make them easy to read.

I think it would be better if the task updates were removed from the comments feed.

Task updates could be moved to their own dedicated feed. However, since I personally don’t find them useful, I’d like to be able to hide them completely and only unhide them if I really need to see historical updates.

They are often useful to us, so please don’t remove them entirely but why not add a way to hide them. It is useful to see them amongst comments to understand what happened to a task, step by step.

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Agree with Bastien, I think it is very important to see what happened and when. Especially keeping in mind that some team members might not be that familiar with all Asana features and somebody might wonder why a task got moved, etc - this helps them also to see what exactly happened with a task and why.

Also you might be interested in upvoting this product feedback request thread:

This refers to just being able to hide rule activities

Sorry, my wording wasn’t clear in the original post. I don’t mean remove them completely from Asana, but move them out of the comments feed into their own section so comments and updates are separate.

But I also agree, being able to hide them would be very useful. Thanks for sharing the other product feedback request Andrea!

@Danny_Harrington I updated the title of the post to match your intent.

And I voted for it as I like and support this idea!

Thanks @Phil_Seeman !