Moving comments to another task

One of our many uses of Asana is tracking feature requests, including "+1"s that we hear from customers. When someone on our Success or Sales teams hears another +1, they comment on the task in Asana, linking to the conversation in which they heard about the request (mostly Intercom conversations).

Sometimes feature requests get disorganized, and oftentimes not all conversations that get added as comments on tasks are actually relevant to the feature request.

It would be super helpful to update target in /stories/{story_gid}, which I believe would allow us to move comments from one task to another. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

PM @ Mode

I find it very risky in a « business » environment where people can be hold accountable for something they said. A simple « i agree » comment that can me moved around seems dangerous…


Maybe in your case @-mentionning à comment would be a solution… or having a unique link to link back to a comment…

Old topic… But it would be cool to be able to reference other tasks, projects almost like tagging or multi-homing. You could select a conversation and reference another project, task, or subtask.

A lot of times I find that some people will comment off topic and therefor the conversation happened outside of the normal project or task.

Like a “see also” reference link pretty much.