Link to comments



I’d like to have the option to link to a specific comment.

Here’s why:
Some tasks have a lengthy discussion going on, with lots of people involved. It can be cumbersome to reference to a specific comment within that discussion. I’d love to be able to click on the date of when the comment was posted and have that a URL that links directly to this particular comment.


@Ramin_Assemi, really interesting idea! While we don’t have that functionality now, it might help you to pin comments to the top of a Task. Especially for Tasks with long chains of comments, pinning can be a helpful way of highlighting the most salient comments. You’ll see that as an option from the drop down that appears when you hover over the comment. Let me know what you think!


@Sara, thanks for this. That’s currently what I’m doing (that, or copy+paste and email sometimes to include the context of the prior or subsequent comment). Ideally would still love to directly link to a specific comment.


@Ramin_Assemi, that makes sense – thanks for sharing! I’m interested in how you would share these URLS. How would you send them to other coworkers, and to who, and when?


@Sara Different scenarios, but the 3 most common ways how I’d share these URLs would be:

a) as a comment under the associated task, tagging the appropriate person (e.g. “@bill please chime in with your response to [URL] so we can move forward with this”)

b) via slack/hipchat since that’s generally the medium where attention is the highest (e.g. in a 1:1 chat: “hey, please respond to this [URL]” and I’m more likely to get a quick response rather than when it just appears as another item in the stream of Asana Inbox notifications

c) via email, to share a specific comment with someone who wasn’t already involved in the discussion, but is still a member of the project team (e.g. “Hey Michael, who would be a good customer to feature on our pricing page? Tim laid out some good criteria here [URL], please chime in on the thread and let us know 3 potential customers to reach out to”


I too would appreciate this feature. I wanted to link to an asana task’s comment from a git commit message rather than link to the task itself, given that it’s the comment I want to be referencing not the entire task.


New Asana user here, and this is exactly the first thing I wanted to use. Also, I would love if I can share a link to an entire section or just specific tasks.


I would like to share a link to a comment to send to a colleague who may not be watching the task. Even this forum has links to comments!



Would also love to have this feature available. Oftentimes it can be useful, for clarity purposes, to know precisely what was said at what time in the discussion. Linking to the task and saying “look at what he said about halfway down the discussion” is inefficient, and can waste significant time. Further, in an intricate discussion, it’s very possible that the interpreter of this statement would be directed to the wrong comment, which, in aggregate over an organization using asana heavily, could cause major communication issues.

The ability to link directly to statements aides ease and clarity of communication greatly, and would be very much appreciated :slight_smile:

Also, the optional ability to embed a linked comment in another discussion would be invaluable, but that can build off the original feature :slight_smile:


Yes, this would be useful. We often come across a situation where communication would be improved if we could link to a comment. It’s standard in Slack and Trello.


Same here. Not having this hinders my ability to point at places where decisions where made, or deliverables were promised.


I’d really appreciate this too. It’s very useful to link straight to a particular comment when you have a very long discussion on a task.