Using API to access comments or task description to notate mentions from other tasks?

Hey guys,

A big need of mine (and I think probably a ton of other users) would be to have the excellent @mention function reciprocate the mention in the “destination” entity. It’s discussed here:

I’m wondering if I can set up via the API to trigger a notation in the comment stream of a destination, so that you would see basically this “reciprocal reference” discussed in the post above.

It occured to me that you’d have to “listen” via the API, then set up some trigger to notate into the comments stream. Ideally this would also mention the task where the “@mention” originates, and when the notation appears in the task’s UI, it would automatically be clickable by virtue of maintaining the formatting necessary to generate a link.

I hope that makes sense, and really eager to hear if this is possible. Thank you in advance for your time thinking about this!

You could listen to all tasks change, read the comments + notes, extract the outside mentions, and update the destination task notes to includes that link back to the mentionner (and make sure that does not trigger a loop). Is it what you had in mind?

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Hi @Bastien_Siebman, thank you for the response!

I will try to do a few screenshots of what I have in mind soon, but in the meantime, does this help?

The process would look like this:

  1. I comment in Task A, writing "this relates to Task B ". Task B is the link of Task A, generated with the @mention function.

  2. Back in Task B, the API writes into the description of that Task a copy of the comment, but prefacing with a pre-written string "Mentioned in Task A." Again, Task A is also link, which can be clicked.

This would be a similar approach that you already have in Asana in both follow-on tasks, and converted tasks to projects, where in each case the “resulting” task receives a link back to the original, as well as a standardized piece of copy such as, from the follow-up example, there is the text “Follow up on” written into the title, and a link to the original task shows up in the description.

Thanks again!

I agree with the usefulness of the feature, I agree with the way it would work, but I believe it would take a fair amount of time for an experienced developer to pull this off =)

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Bastien, thanks again. Very useful insight!

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I agree. It’s definitely do-able, but far from a trivial job.

Phil, appreciate the response.

And @Patrick_Lorenz, hello! I’m tagging you here as I’ve seen your many posts and offer of doing work within the Asana API. Could you take a look at this please and let me know if it’s the type of job you could take on?

Thanks guys!

Hi @OT160, thanks for involving me.

I get (and like) the idea. This is not so much a big deal actually. What we would typically is having a web hook that is automatically being added to all authorized projects, listen to new stories (=comments) and parse them. You would need to consider endless loops.

So that doable and in scope. If that is sth. we can support you with, please drop me a mail to