Back referencing/linking when a task is referenced in other tasks


In my team we are using Asana all the time to organize our work and to share ideas. A very common use case in our team is to reference a task in other tasks, to provide context and valuable background information. I would love to see a feature that makes it easy to view in which tasks a task is referenced.

If “task A” is referenced in other tasks, “task A” should contain a list of tasks where “task A” is referenced. Very similar to how projects where the task exist in are listed. The list could look something like this if “task A” was referenced in “task B” and “task C”.

“This task is referenced in”
Task B (clickable link)
Task C (clickable link)

Preferably this list should be at the top of “task A”, maybe just below the description or close to the list of projects the tasks exist in.

It’s possible to think of this back referencing functionality as a “soft task dependency”. It’s not a sub task, it’s not dependent on, but is still somehow related.

Good idea, maybe a collapsed section with the incoming links!

Any comments from the Asana team? For us this feature would be a killer, and make it so much easier to find related tasks, and to understand the context of tasks.

In addition to the use case explained in the OP, a referencing list should also auto-populate whenever anybody references other tasks in the description and in comments.

So in my opinion the close to the task “header”, around the location where projects are listed, there should be two new lists items

Tasks referencing this task

Tasks referenced by this this task.

A mock-up of what this could look like