Follow-on Tasks - @mention in the "originating" task


Follow-up tasks are one of the key features that brought me to Asana. You guys have solved the request below:

By adding a link to the newly created follow-up task. However, there is still no reference back in the originating task. So the “loop of traceability” is not closed. This could be solved by simply adding an automation to write into the task comments or description that information, much like what you guys already have when the follow-up gets info about the originating task. Or, this could be solved by a global implementation of Reciprocal references to @mentions across Asana, which I mentioned here:

To give you an example of how that could work, just look at the excellent way the software on which the Asana Forum has included both those posts here in this thread, complete with ability to unfurl or collapse to see more content!

Thanks guys!

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