Create a task from any text area inline

Hi, this may be already in the forum but I haven’t found exactly this request:

I’d like to be able to hit a command, such as “/” or even the “@”, and start typing to create a new task that doesn’t exist yet. This is a great feature of some other apps like Notion, ClickUp, etc. (I hope the community managers don’t chastise me for mentioning those, just trying to provide context here in case there are others who use those tools alongside Asana and know what I mean…).

This is a much faster way to create a task than having to write it as a subtask, or otherwise stop the text you are writing in the content areas of a task or project (description, comment, etc.).

Use case could be in a comment where you are writing an update and want to simply create a new task like this - "thanks for the update, could you now (here the new task starts) Contact that customer and ask for the preferred payment method (and the task would end).

This might involve a modal that would pop up so you could assign the task to the right project, etc.

Again, this is a feature of a lot of other tools and one I am sorely missing in Asana. Without this, it is simply much more burdensome to create new tasks as you do your work around Asana.

I hope we can get some support of this as I have been pleasantly surprised by new releases such as Back referencing/linking when a task is referenced in other tasks and Ability to “Quote” a teammate’s comment which are huge pieces that help connect work in Asana that frankly I had little hope to see anytime soon, very excited about those!


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Yeah, it seems like this type of behavior would be consistent with how tags and projects work – type to complete, and if it doesn’t exist, create a new one; assume it has the same projects and tags as the task it was created from.

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Great thanks for the support, maybe this request can get some traction!