Offer an option to create a new task on typing @

There are many times when I’m on a call while taking notes in Asana and actionable tasks arise. Normally I create the resulting tasks after I’m done with the call and then link to the tasks in the notes.

It would be great if I could simply create a new task directly in the notes (whether in Comments or Description) by:

  1. Typing @
  2. Start typing the title of the task
  3. When the task is not located an option is presented to create a new task. Currently what appears is the message “No matches found”
  4. Selecting “Create new task” creates a new task with the following parameters:
  • The task title is the text that I had typed in
  • The due date is the current date
  • The project is the same project in which I was typing the notes
  • The assignee is me, the person typing the notes
  1. A link to the newly created task is then inserted into the notes

After I’m done typing the notes I can then go to the newly created tasks and update their details appropriately.

Hi @Alex_Githatu, thanks for taking the time to share this request with us!

This is a great idea! I see we don’t have immediate plans to launch a similar feature in the near term but I’ve gone ahead and sent your request to our product team so it can be considered in future updates. I’ll let you know as soon as I have any news!