Create task via link

Is there a way to create a task via hyperlink? Something like Log in - Asana, that would open the corresponding project with a new task on top?

That would allow to create and organize new tasks immediately with one click on the bookmarked link(s).

Thanks, Hans


Hi @Hans_Siem_Schweiger and welcome to the Forum :wave:t3:

As it stands it is not possible to create a task via a hyperlink like shown in your post above; I don’t believe this is something we’re planning in the near future, but definitely something we could look into in the future!

Hey there, has this changed? It would be great to have URL support for creating tasks, even if that means people already have to be logged into Asana in their browser.

Usecase is as described earlier - having hyperlinks for task creation in external tools, where fully accessing the Asana API (or sending anything else than a GET request or that requires scripting of any kind) is not available.

Hi @herbst, I don’t have any update on this topic at the moment, but I’ll make sure to post here as soon as I have an update on my end!

Is there any update on this feature yet? I’ve found numerous use cases now to create a task at the click of a link when integrating Asana into our company’s workflow. It would be great if we could construct a link with some post info, but at the very least, a simple link to a create new task page would be helpful.

Hi @Daniel_Hutchings, I don’t have an update on this topic at the moment, but I’m’ keeping an eye on it internally and will keep you posted.

Not exactly what you’re looking for, but if you type in or asana.task in your browser, you will be able to directly create a new task in your My Task! From there, you will also be able to add the task to a project and assign it to someone else!


+1 this would be a very useful feature. It would allow a team to give other teams a direct link for filing any product issues or feedback.


Hi there, any update?

Any update on this – would be a very useful feature for our system to create new tasks quickly.

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I want!

Any updates? There are many looking for this feature.

want / need.