Create a new Asana task from any browser address bar with

Did you know that in any browser address bar you can type either:
- or -

to create a new Asana task? You’ll see this dialog:

This is similar to many other *.new shortcuts that have been registered. They’re all listed here:



Well done! Works great (Just a little slow on my end)
I also use Tab+Q often while in Asana to quickly create tasks/notes

@lpb, we can’t hide anything from you :blush: I’m prepping an official announcement to share the news, but you beat me to it :slight_smile:

I’ve used and a lot in the past few months to create new Google Docs and Sheets and I’ve found it so useful, so I hope customers will enjoy too :slight_smile:


Typing or into the addressbar only opens this page for me. Is there something else I need in order for this to work?

Ok, weird. It now works. What changed?

I’m so sorry for spilling the beans, @Marie! I didn’t realize it was so new. I do find and useful too!


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No worries at all, it’s been around for a few months already :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing @lpb . I shared it with a developer of a Danish finance tool. I can se them make use of it, for their users to create an invoice for example. Sharing is caring.

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