It would be great if Asana register the domain or Similar to the way or work. This could help with adding task very quick

Definitely agree!

There are a bunch of people who own trademarks for “Asana” in different contexts, so I’m not sure how Google would adjudicate that. One would hope they would choose THIS Asana since it’s in the computing realm (and one would hope Asana has already applied for

Starting Dec. 2nd it’s open to anyone, not just trademark holders - I already have that date marked on my calendar, as I’m going to register a few .new things if possible.

I’m sure there will be a big food fight for!

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@Phil_Seeman, @Paul_Grobler, @Emily_Roman,

This has apparently been done! See:



Wow, cool!

I wonder what lobbying it took for Asana to nab “”? (I’ll bet Monday, Clickup, and Trello, among others, are not happy campers :laughing:)

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