Create a task from anywhere?

Is there a keyboard shortcut fir creating a task in Asana from anywhere? For example: If I’m working on a document in Word and suddenly think of a task I want to capture, is there a way to do so quickly in the moment so I don’t lose my “flow?”

I have the add-on for chrome that allows me to do this when I’m working on the web but need to be able to do so while working in any platform.

Thanks in advance fir ideas.

Hi @Lisa_Graham, thanks for reaching out!

While we don’t currently have a shortcut to create an Asana task from anywhere, you might find the Asana + Microsoft Office integration helpful.

Check it out here: Asana for Microsoft Office • Asana

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thank you, Rebecca. I will check this out. And put in a vote for something like what is available in “Things” where you can create a task from anywhere. :wink:


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