Global Shortcut To Add A New Task



Can we have a global shortcut to quickly enter a new task (like clicking on + > Task). Enter is not an option for me.


Hi @Amadeus_Paulussen,

Have you tried TAB+Q?


If he’s wanting a global shortcut. Tab + Q is not a good option as it only works if you’re already in Asana.


Meanwhile I got used to switching to the app and hitting TAB+Q. Thanks guys!


If you’re on a Mac, and have Alfred, you can use that to add tasks to Asana. Alfred has a global shortcut.


TAB-Q is not well documented. I only found it when looking for the place to vote for creating it. If you Ctrl-F for “task” on, you don’t find it (because “New Task” is Enter).

An easy fix would be to change “Quick Add” to “Quick Add (new task)” or similar on that page.