Keyboard Shortcuts in My Tasks Window


My Tasks is the main window I use in Asana. I use it to setup new tasks and to manage my task list between Today, Upcoming and Later

Is there a keyboard shortcut for “New Task” in this window? There didn’t seem to be one listed in the guide which seems very strange.


@David_Louis_Puttick: You may want to use Tab + Q which works in any view. It defaults to the current user and thus ends up in “My Tasks”. And if you already selected a task in a list you can always just hit Enter to create a new line / task.

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Wonderful thank you :slight_smile:

I wonder why they don’t list it in the keyboard shortcuts for My Tasks


…so the task comes up and I fill in the details. What is the keyboard shortcut for entering that task? The enter key doesn’t seem to do anything on a Mac


@David_Louis_Puttick: I’m on Windows here :frowning:

I use Tab + Q very frequently. All the other known shortscuts work in that dialog as well. So you can super easy create tasks. Here’s what I use inside of the popup: Tab + A, Tab + P, Tab + D, Tab + F. To eventually create the task I use CTRL + Enter.

Again this is on Windows.

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Got it! Just had to replace CTRL with CMD and it was exactly what I was looking for :smile:


@David_Louis_Puttick, An alternative to Tab-Q, which works in My Tasks or any Project as well, is just hitting the Enter key when the keyboard focus is on a task; that will create a new task below the current one. Or Shift-Enter; that creates a new task above the current one.

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Hi @David_Louis_Puttick :wave:t4:, thanks for posting your inquiry in the Forum.

I hope the solutions proposed by both @Patrick_Lorenz and @lpb help your Workflow overall.

I will also pass your feedback in regards to updating the keyboard shortcuts to the Development Team to consider.

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Cathya :blush: