Ctrl Shift + New Task (How to save the task?)


I discovered the keyboard combination “CTRL SHIFT +” to create a new task.

Pressing that combination a new page it’s opened but I don´t know how to save the task to see it in my dashboard.

The only way to close the page is by pressing X.

Thanks all!

Hello @Marcelo_Barcia ,

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That’s one of my favourite shortcuts, the reason why you might not see the “Create” button is because your Asana is zoomed over 100% or because you might have not added yet a Task Title AND and Assignee.

You can zoom back to 100% with the shortcut CTRL + 0 (the number zero) and you can try again.

The button is there on the bottom right… I had the same issue the first time I used this function :smiley:


Thank you! The tips provided help me to solve the problem!

Hi @Rosario_Messina
is there a way to change the keys of the shortcut Ctrl shift +? or to only disable that shortcut?

If I disable the " Global keyboard shortcuts" on my settings, I loose all the shortcuts (even ctrl b to bold a character).

My issue is that the Ctrl shift + is the default excel shortcut to add lines, which is very useful in my day to day.


Hi @Omar_Becerra

You can disable it but not change it. Just got to My Settings > Global keyboard shortcuts.