How can I change my Asana global keyboard shortcut to something else

Hey I’m new to Asana and I love using the global shortcut to add tasks quickly (ctrl shift +). However I use the combination to insert row in Excel. How can I change the keys to something else?


I would also like to know the answer to this. Any options?
This would prevent me from using asana desktop.

where you able to change the Ctrl shift + ??

I am having the same issue in excel.

I was also excited initially with the global shortcut, but I’ve found sometimes the popup doesn’t load correctly. So for a different reason, I went looking for an alternate solution.

I now use these two shortcuts in succession (that use just my left hand):

[Windows] + [1] (This opens Asana, which is the first pinned icon on my taskbar)
[Tab] + [Q ] (A native Asana shortcut to quick add a task)

This is just as fast as the global shortcut. It also provides the flexibility to directly add a task in a certain section of “My Tasks” (where I typically leave the app) after inputting [Windows] + [1].

Hope this helps.


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How do I turn off keyboard shortcuts in asana?

Disable Short Cut Key: Ctrl Shift +

  1. Click your profile picture.
  2. Access My Settings.
  3. The first tab should be “General” and you can toggle off this keyboard shortcut in the meantime.

Hi Gary,
I don’t have any “General” section within settings. I’ve checked all the tabs without luck.
I don’t want to uninstall the asana desktop app, but I’d rather have my Excel shortcuts

You have to be on the desktop application to find “General”.

  1. Click your profile photo.
  2. Settings
  3. Choose the tab at top called General (this tab is only available in the Desktop Application)
  4. Unselect “Enable Global Keyboard Shortcuts”.
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