What Happened to Quick Add Tasks in Menu Bar

The menu bar icon used to provide an option to quickly add a task to Asana. It was awesome because no matter when I was, I could quickly drop a task into Asana without leaving my current app or flow. GTD harmony. I went in there today after being OOO for a couple of weeks and now it has a list of my tasks and no option to add a new task. I don’t care about seeing my current tasks. I just want to add a task to Asana. Am I missing a setting somewhere? If so, I can’t find it anywhere. Did this change? If so, please give us an option to add a task quickly and easily. When I am in Asana, I’m in task-mode. When I am not, I just want to drop in a new task and keep moving.

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Hi @Andy_Meadows1, welcome to the Forum!

You bring up some good points. Being able to add a new task from anywhere is definitely important. You may find the tips in this recent release post helpful: Say hello to the new Desktop app icon in your menu bar or system tray! 🖥 Ensure that the desktop app is installed to use these features.

You should be able to use any of these methods to add a task from anywhere:

  • Keyboard shortcut [Shift] + [CMD] + [+]
  • Click on the Asana icon in the System Tray, and type in the “Click here to add a task field”

  • Or as is shown on my Windows machine when clicking on the Asana icon in the System Tray, enter the new task name in the “Type your heart out…” field

Quick Add

I hope you find these options helpful.