Say hello to the new Desktop app icon in your menu bar or system tray! 🖥

Hi Asana Community!

It’s Erica, a Product Marketing Manager here on the Asana Desktop team! I want to share that desktop app users will now see an Asana icon appear in their menu bars (Mac users) or system trays (Windows users). This new icon for the desktop app will help you protect time for heads down work - learn more below!

Stay focused on your most important tasks

With My Priorities, see your most important tasks based on due date by clicking on the Asana icon in the menu bar or system tray. From here, you can also complete tasks, or add new tasks by filling out the field or utilizing the [Shift] + [CMD] + [+] shortcut.

Make progress on the work that matters most- with no interruptions

When you’re ready to dive into an important task, select it from the list of My Priorities and set a timer. We recommend utilizing the pomodoro method (25 minutes of concentration, followed by a 5 minute break)! Do Not Disturb mode will also be turned on to pause your Asana notifications. When you’re finished, complete the task, or click on the dots in the upper right corner to exit.

These new features will be available to users in phases over the next several week. If you have questions or feedback about anything we shared, we’d love to hear from you!



Oh interesting! Where does the time spent go on the task? Anywhere?

Love this idea! Any chance we could have a similar ‘Home’ widget for the web app? I’d love a built-in pomodoro timer.

will we be able to turn this new Desktop app icon in menu bar on and off? and if we would be able, where can we turn it on and off?

Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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This is great, thank you!

Would also like to see the number of items left to do “today” by that icon, for it to be more meaningful at first glance.

Hope this icon evolves to include that functionality.

Hey @Erica_Conti this is awesome. What version of Asana should I be having to get this feature? Is there any early access/beta to sign up for?