Asana for Desktop: Now Available for Early Access!

Hi, everyone :wave:

I’m excited to announce that we’ve opened up Early Access to Asana for Desktop! Asana’s native desktop app helps you remove distractions so you can focus on the most important work at hand. The app has the same functionality as Asana on the web but pulls Asana out of the sea of browser tabs and onto your desktop.

The desktop version of Asana is available on both Mac and Windows (not supported on Linux) and almost everything about the app is identical between desktop and web. However, there are a few changes to note:

  • Native OS notifications: Desktop leverages native OS notifications, which mirror Browser Notifications in functionality.
  • In-browser authentication: In order to log in, you’ll need to type in your email address. Then you’ll be redirected to the browser to complete the login process, and then guided back to the desktop app.
  • App Links: Desktop users are prompted to open accessed links in the desktop app. You’ll have the ability to open links in Asana once or always, or to cancel and open the link in your browser.

Ready to give Asana for Desktop a try? Head to to download an Early Access version of the app.

We look forward to hearing your feedback in the comments below. Questions are also welcome!



Thanks for making this available!


Original poster here :wave:

Nice to see almost 4 years laster (to the month) this post is finally resolved. Good luck with your beta!


Appreciative member of the community here :wave:

Nice to get to experience all the amazing enhancements Asana has made to the platform over the last 4 years (to the month) within this new desktop experience!


THANK YOU! This is so great.


That’s a really great news for all Asana users!


It would be nice to have the ability to zoom though :thinking:


Thanks but… need an M1 version please!


Just curious - are you just wanting faster performance (and are you finding the current version slow), or is there something else?

So excited to try this out and take the pressure off chrome!

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Thank you, i deleted my fluid app finally :smiley:


Thanks for sharing!
So far the functionality is identical to the web version. The inbox seems to take a bit more time to load on the first launch, but everything looks great!


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Hi @Zaraida_Diaz, thanks for letting us know about the desktop app. I downloaded it and added my email address. However, when i click on the button to log in, it does not redirect me to the browser so as to complete the process.


Wow awesome! Whole team just downloaded and loves to see Asana going this direction!

Our team uses Everhour for time tracking, how far out is the ability for 3rd parties to develop plugins for the app? Right now Everhour relies on a Chrome plugin.


One thing that’s different from the web app which I find useful is the History button in the top left corner - don’t miss that one!



UPDATE: Used Chrome instead of Edge and was able to install. Still got Windows warning, but this time able to proceed.

Thanks! I am trying to install and Windows 10 blocking as unconfirmed and possibly dangerous program. Any advice on how to install would be appreciated!


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Had a similar issue on install, and now the program loads but the login button doesn’t do anything.

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Oh, totally missed that… Thank you and yes, it is a great new feature!


I’m going to love taking this new app for a test drive and get it out of my chrome browser! Thanks for the hard work on making this happen Asana team!