Desktop Notifications



Desktop notifications from Chrome would be awesome - so the notifications that I get in my Asana inbox also pop-up on my screen.

I have email notifications turned off because I don’t like my email getting clogged up, but it would be handy if I got a desktop notification whenever someone assigned me a new task etc. And if you snoozed your inbox (assuming you have this hack turned on) then it would also snooze desktop notifications.

Feature request. Notifications
Desktop Notifications?
Desktop Notification Work Around?

Yeah notifications would be great! Very handy for not having to check inbox on a regular basis just to see if there is anything going on


Don’t forget Safari :wink:


Will be very helpful, i moved from Basecamp and it is one of the most useful things there.


This would be incredible


Yes, having desktop notifications for Safari is much needed.


I can’t believe there is no desktop notification. It should be added ASAP.


I would also really much appreciates desktop notifications. A must have for busy people :slight_smile:


Notifications are the number one concern for my team and the question I hear most frequently!


Yes It would be really great if get Notifications on Asana.



I like Asana in principle, but honestly, I seldom use it because of the fact that it doesn’t have desktop notifications a la Google Calendar, Slack, Hubspot etc. Sure I can set a Task with a date and time, but in the real world, and as an entrepreneur wearing several hats, unless I’m prompted with a notification of some kind (no not E-mail) on my desktop - both visual and sound - that task, however important, will get lost.

I end up having to double enter tasks into a CRM, DayTimer, other calendars etc. Not good and not productive.


Firefox Notifications would be great too.



I’ve been getting frustrated with the way Asana organizes the Inbox and Tasks. In my Inbox I feel like the most recent comment on any Task should be at the top of the page and not bottom. I can’t seem to find anything to change that order. In Tasks I’d also like to have the Tasks reorganize themselves by having the most recent comment move the Task to the top of the list.


Please make a chrome and safari extension for desktop notifications! It would make using asana 1000% more useful for me (And everyone else in my office) I’d prefer to not use the email notifications, they clog my inbox up so much.


Strongly agree! Our team needs it dramatically :slight_smile:


Yep, this would useful, won’t be late to see updates. When you make this please let users to choose from which project, or team member to get desktop notifications.


This is absurd there isn’t a notification option other than having the browser tab open and getting the black dot. Why no audio notification option or Chrome extension?


That’s the only thing i feel is truly missing to take asana from ‘great’ to ‘fantastic’. Please implement a notification option!


Any update on this?
Anyone find a useful workaround that allows you to customize if/when you receive notifications?
So far, best solution I’ve found is slack, but its not ideal.


would be amazing!