🔔 New browser notifications are landing in Asana!

Hi everyone! :wave:

We have some exciting news to share about browser notifications! Just a year ago, we were introducing browser notification as a hack in Asana? Today, we’re promoting it as a feature :tada:

With this new update, you will be able to receive browser notifications even if you do not have an Asana tab open in your browser, allowing you to stay informed about your projects and tasks even when you’re working outside of Asana! You will also be able to select wether you want to receive “project update” notifications (which notifies you when there is activity in your project), “Direct Mention Only”, or both!

As usual we’re rolling out this update gradually, so don’t worry if you can’t access this feature just yet, it will be available to everyone within the next couple of days! In the meantime, you can see what it looks like in this brand new article from our Guide: https://asana.com/guide/help/fundamentals/settings#gl-browser-notifications

Some important notes:

  1. We will roll this update out to Safari users a little bit later as it requires a different implementation. I will post an update on this thread as soon as the feature is available on Safari.

  2. As we’re launching this new feature, we will automatically deprecate the old hack!

As always, feel free to post your questions below and create a new #productfeedback thread if you have any feedback, we hope you’ll enjoy this new version of browsers notifications!

Have a great Thursday! :slight_smile:


Very excited. Thoughts on a workaround to where I could get notifications on due dates and times, by that, to be able to set a parameter such as “due within 3 days”, or “2 hours”, similar to as a calendar notification setting allows. To currently work around this, I (manually, or Zapier) create calendar reminders for said tasks.


It would be nice if there was more than two options. Like only Project Progress Statuses updates and not every single activity that happens in a Project.


Would really love this! Right now I’m adding to my phone for a reminder but I don’t want to have to use this and my phone and Google Calendar when I feel like Asana could do it all. Please add this! :slight_smile:

I would really like to see the browser notification also have the Asana icon. It must not be set, becuase I’m getting the chrome and edge icons when I use those browsers. It would really help to draw attention to the notification, since the browser can produce a lot of them!

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Hey everyone! I’ve been experiencing a lack of “due date” push-notifications functionality as well for a long time, so I decided to solve that problem and finally developed a Chrome extension for that! Please, try it out, and if you have some questions or suggestions, feel free to reach me out by my facebook

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Hi @Natalia, great addition for those not in Asana 100% of the time. What about notifications on tasks you are assigned to. It isn’t a project, nor necessarily an @mention. This would be most handy.

Love the notifications but wish there were more options on what kind of notifications I would like to receive. For example - I don’t need notifications on things I just checked off, I know I did that. But notifications for something I assigned to a teammate would be helpful.
Also - the turn off feature does not seem to work. I am cleaning up a project board and tried to snooze on the notifications because I am checking off a ton of stuff and they just keep popping up.

It looks like this hasn’t been enabled for Safari yet. Is there an estimate of when that might happen?