Asana released a new Google Chrome Extension!

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Quickly add and search tasks in Asana from any web page.
This official Asana Chrome Extension enables you to quickly add and search for Asana tasks from any webpage.

From tasks and projects to conversations and notifications, Asana enables teams to move work from start to finish. It’s simple to get started, but powerful enough to run your entire business.

Quickly add tasks
Add tasks to Asana from any webpage.
Put tasks directly in any project.
Quickly add a task description and assign to a teammate.
Select the appropriate assignee from a dropdown menu.
Input custom fields to your new tasks.
Built for speed: tab between fields and use “Alt+Shift+A” keyboard shortcut to quickly add tasks.
Add the current URL as a task, so you can read articles later or share them with teammates.

Track all of your work
Create projects and assign tasks so everyone knows who’s doing what, by when.
Mange your task list and your teammates will see your progress.
Track progress against your project goals at-a-glance.
Search across all of your work to find the information you need quickly.

Communicate in Asana
Use conversations to make announcements to your team, ask a question in a project, or comment on a single task.
Turn communication into action by create tasks directly from conversations.
Get notifications in Inbox about only the projects, tasks, and conversations you’re following.


Will be loading that as soon as I get into the office…


Love the improvements so far - much more handy!


This is much better than the previous version!


Search tasks but not the project.

will try it out!

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Are there any plans to incorporate pop-up notifications into the extension?

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The “Add current page” feature is really helpful. Keep on Asana. Evge @Alexis (that is bravo in Greek)! :slight_smile:

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Kudos! Thanks for it!

@pkoutsod I cannot find the feature. How can I add current page to task?


@pkoutsod Oh, how embarrassing…! Thanks a lot! I

@rieko you shouldn’t feel embarassed. This is a usability issue and I think @Alexis that you should pass this on to Asana’s Design Team. :slight_smile:

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Amazing feature! I have a personal mission of reducing the number of open tabs inside the companies, since multitasking is proven to be counterproductive. This feature is a great step toward this dream!

The new extension is great but there should be an option to set default values for project and due date. I often use it to store web pages to read later. Instead of that action taking 3 clicks, it takes 7.

I use the Chrome Extension quite extensively and enjoy using it, but I really wish it had feature parity to other Chrome Extensions, namely ClickUp’s. I would love if an Asana Chrome Extension could integrate into so many other web apps. For instance, when in a Google Doc, I would love if I could highlight a piece of text and the Chrome Extension would allow me to create an Asana task based upon that highlighted text with an auotmatic link to the Google Doc. I would also love more edit task functionality in the Extension as well, like the ability to start start and end dates, add subtasks, add to multiple projects and more.

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