"Chrome-Extension-Example" updated for Manifest V3

Hi developers :wave:


I updated the public source code of Asana’s chrome extension to support Chrome extension Manifest V3, so that new developers can use it as a baseline for learning and developing browser extensions related to Asana.

Please see and use this forked repository:


When I developed my first Chrome extensions in 2016, Asana’s Chrome-Extension-Example GitHub repository was a great help because it has many comments explaining the intention of the code.

However, the development moved from the public open source repository to a private space in 2017, before the new version was released (Asana released a new Google Chrome Extension!). I saw the source code of the extension installed from the Chrome web store, but it’s minified and no longer readable.

Over the years, a lot of change happened to Asana API (e.g. number IDs changed to string GIDs), JavaScript (e.g. new features in ES6 are now very common), and Chrome extensions (e.g. manifest version updated from 2 to 3). When my colleague started to learn extension development in April 2023, I recommended checking Asana’s open source repository, but that code no longer worked as is.

The support for Chrome extension manifest V2 is planned to end in 2023, so I felt the need to create an updated version before I lose access to previewing and debugging V2 code in Chrome.

Disclaimer and future plans

I’m not a professional programmer. I can’t make any guarantee on the quality. Let me know if there are better ways of writing codes. I welcome pull requests.
There are still some bugs and I’ll try to fix them asap. My to-do list looks like this: