Branded Chrome Extension?



Using the API, is it possible (realistically) to replicate Asana’s Chrome Extension functionality behind a branded Chrome extension?

Reason: my customers want to be able to request certain projects from Chrome, but I’d like to give them a forced menu of options to choose from rather than let them make open-ended requests.

I saw the AsanaNG extension so figured that it is possible.



Hey @Christien_Louviere,
I think you’d have to check with @amitg87 (the creator of that Chrome extension) to see if they have open sourced their work. If they have, it should be possible to fork it and create your own version.

As far as our own official Chrome extension it’s not currently open sourced, but I’ve asked the developer who created it if he feels like it would be useful to do so (although he’s out of the office at the moment). There would be some challenges going this route because it reuses some parts of the Asana web app UI, which I’m not sure would be available to open source. Regardless, it should be pretty straightforward to create your own extension; you can likely get some ideas from our older Chrome extension which is open source. Thanks!


Thanks Matt! This is helpful. After reviewing it over the weekend, I think we’re going to leverage your API to build something.

I appreciate you going the extra mile.