Show Asana Community: a new Asana Chrome extension πŸš€

Hi fellow Asana users! My team and I are building a new Chrome extension for Asana and are looking for your early feedback.

It makes it extremely fast to create Asana tasks without context switching, and the Asana tasks you create include all the console logs/network requests/info engineers need. :rocket:


If it sounds like your jam, please try it out and give us some feedback! Excited to see if we can help cut bug reporting time by 20x for you. :zap::bug:


@danigrant :wave: Welcome to the community!
Just installed and will check it out

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Awesome! Thanks @Paul_Grobler, can’t wait to hear how it goes. Happy jamming! :rocket:

Just installed it, @danigrant - looks very cool!

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Will be checking it out

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Thanks @Phil_Seeman! Can’t wait to hear what you think. :rocket:

Thanks @Andrea_Mayer! Can’t wait to hear. :partying_face:

I always have asana opened and just bought CleanShot to improve my screenshots but this is a cool idea and execution. Did you have great feedback?

We did! Thanks Bastien. I hope you find it speeds you up when you give it a try, especially the β€œshare your last 1 minute” feature to quickly send bugs you see with repro steps to an Asana task! :smiley:

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