EasyTasker for Asana ("web clipper" for Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Gmail, Superhuman, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Alexa, and more)

:tada:FINALLY! Asana web clipper and instant tasks for…
**Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge (and Gmail, Superhuman, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Alexa, and more)

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[Made by TeamKickstart, an Asana Solutions Partner]

With EasyTasker for Asana, you can create and access Asana tasks from anywhere!
(Work undistracted and stay in flow without having to go to Asana.)

  • :globe_with_meridians:Instantly turn Tabs into Tasks in all major browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Edge)
  • :envelope_with_arrow:Instantly turn emails into tasks (Gmail and Superhuman, with Outlook coming soon)
  • :busts_in_silhouette:Instantly turn content from :briefcase:LinkedIn, :arrow_forward:YouTube, :bird:Twitter, and :bust_in_silhouette:Facebook into tasks
  • :loud_sound:Instantly turn Voice Commands (Alexa, and soon Google Assistant and Siri) into tasks
  • :speech_balloon:Instantly turn ChatGPT conversations into tasks
  • :zap:Create custom shortcuts for instant task routing to your desired projects (e.g. one shortcut for content, another for sales leads, another for articles to read… etc.)
  • :heavy_plus_sign:…and more than 20 additional features, integrations, and automations coming by December 2023!


Anyone who uses Asana throughout the day, and needs an instant and ultra-simple way to create and access tasks, without the interruption of copying/pasting everything to Asana repeatedly.



For a detailed list of features, and soon a set of support docs, please visit EasyTasker.io


If you need any support, please feel free to reach out at support@teamkickstart.com
:point_right:Also, feel free to reply here with questions or anything else. I’m here and active on the forum and would love to hear your thoughts/feedback/questions!


My name is Bryan Bennett. I am an Asana Solutions Partner and the Senior Consultant and Founder of TeamKickstart.com. I first used Asana in 2011, but regrettably defected to Trello for 8 years (until I realized that Trello does not scale well). I came back to Asana in 2019 and immediately fell in love all over again.

Over the last 4.5 years, I’ve assembled a small team and we’ve delivered 50+ implementations, 150+ custom automations, and nearly 1,000 group trainings. During that time, we’ve kept an eye on the most common feature requests and user difficulties. In early 2022, we finally decided to jump in and start building add-ons to help amplify the amazing things Asana can do.

EasyTasker.io is the most developed add-on thus far, and two more, Supersana.io and Coolsana.io, are in early testing and early development, with full releases coming this Fall.
(But the largest and most significant product we are excited to release will come out in Summer 2024 – and we are SO excited!)


Nice, @Bryan_TeamKickstart, congrats!

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Congrats on the launch, I will definitely have a look.

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Hi @Bryan_TeamKickstart , I was excited to try your extension since I switched back to using Safari since I am sick and tired of how much of a resource hog Chrome is on my Mac. However, I ran into this issue when attempting to connect to Asana (see screenshot).

Can you help? FYI, my cross-site traffic is enabled in Safari’s settings.

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@pdmcdermott - thanks so much for the message. Our fault – there’s never good timing for updates. We began a migration to a new server at 11pm last and all the settings would be done pointing to the new server by about 4am. But, we’re still waiting for the process to finish.

Could you try again later this afternoon or tomorrow? Should work by then. I’ll post again here when I have verified it’s completed.

And, please feel free to contact us at support@easytasker.io with any questions or issues.

Will do and I’ll let you know when it works for me. Thanks!

@pdmcdermott - this should be fixed now. Please try the extension again when you get a moment and please let us know if it’s working for you. Also, I messaged you a promo code to say thanks for reporting the error. :slight_smile:

All our best productivity wishes to you and your team!

It is working now, thanks!

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