Is there a web clipper yet for Safari?

I really don’t like using Chrome - is there a web clipper yet for Safari? or a suggested workaround?

Hi @Kim_simplify -

My team built an Asana extension for Safari that is free to use.

Sign up for the beta for free lifetime access: :white_check_mark:
(new free beta groups approx. once per month)

To clarify…
It is CURRENTLY available on…

  • Safari
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Alexa

It will SOON be available on…

  • Siri
  • Gmail

…and more platforms coming

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AWESOME! Just did it!!

Kim Cramer
Digital Productivity Coach

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That’s is excellent, I have been waiting for something for Safari. Asana and Toggl plugins are the only 2 things I really miss about Chrome. I certainly do not miss the battery drain

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Hey Bry, I just joined the waitlist as

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UPDATE: is now available in PUBLIC beta for Safari, Firefox, and Chrome.
Add your email at and you’ll immediately receive the invitation links and resources to help you get started.