Is there a web clipper yet for Safari?

I really don’t like using Chrome - is there a web clipper yet for Safari? or a suggested workaround?

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UPDATE: EasyTasker is now out of beta and ready for everyone to use (on Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Gmail, Superhuman, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Alexa, and more)

Here’s the announcement and the launch promo: EasyTasker for Asana ("web clipper" for Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Gmail, Superhuman, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Alexa, and more)

Hi @Kim_simplify -

My team built an Asana extension for Safari that is free to use.

Sign up for the beta for free lifetime access: :white_check_mark:
(new free beta groups approx. once per month)

To clarify…
It is CURRENTLY available on…

  • Safari
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Alexa

It will SOON be available on…

  • Siri
  • Gmail

…and more platforms coming

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AWESOME! Just did it!!

Kim Cramer
Digital Productivity Coach

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That’s is excellent, I have been waiting for something for Safari. Asana and Toggl plugins are the only 2 things I really miss about Chrome. I certainly do not miss the battery drain

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Hey Bry, I just joined the waitlist as

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UPDATE: is now available in PUBLIC beta for Safari, Firefox, and Chrome.
Add your email at and you’ll immediately receive the invitation links and resources to help you get started.

Finally - thank you! I just signed up – how long until we get access for safari desktop and iOS? thanks!

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@Mateo_Sluder - Safari desktop is already available. The link is in the confirmation email that was sent to you when you signed up.

Safari for iOS is coming. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the quick response. But I’ve searched all my email boxes and don’t see anything. Search for yes? My email is my first name at the domain.

Hi @Mateo_Sluder

This is what you should look for:
Subject Line: Welcome! Public Beta🎉
Here’s a screenshot:

Let me know if you still don’t see it. Please make sure to check your spam. :slight_smile:

Just letting everyone know that EasyTasker is finally out of Beta and ready for everyone to use!

Here’s the announcement (and a promo code for 60% off):