Do you have feedback on the Asana Chrome Extension?

Hi there!

I work at Asana and I’m personally really curious to know if everyone here uses the Asana Chrome Extension in their day-to-day work or as a part of a specific workflow.

If so, what are your thoughts on that experience? Is there anything we can do that would make your life/work easier with the extension? How and why would that help?

Would love to listen to any thoughts you’re able to share here. Thanks! :+1:

Hey, an “add media” option, to pick an image of the page would be great.
specifying the due date and the belonging project could help


I’m a big fan of certain aspects of Teamwork’s Chrome extension (it is one of the few times where I think Teamwork’s UI beats out Asana’s). See this imgur screenshot for reference.

I work mostly in Teamwork’s “Create a Task” view. I love that the box is huge, so everything is easy to see.

I also love that you can enter information like Project, Task List (which in Asana would be the task list headers), Task Name, Asignee, and Start/End Date.

The official Asana Chrome Extension doesn’t even let me categorize by projects. Which is a huge pain since later on I have to spend time adding categories to things. It makes me not want to use Asana at the end of the day.

The unofficial Asana extension has all these functionalities as well, but I prefer the Teamwork design because the box is big and easy to use. It feels less cluttered.

tl;dr: Teamwork > Unofficial Assana > Official Assana

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Please add “Projects” field so we can assign the task to a project right from the extension. This way there is no need to go back and manage.

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In addition to being able to select a specific project to assign a task to, I would also like to be able to assign to a specific Section or Column. Tags would also be helpful.