Asana for Desktop: Now Available for Early Access!

We absolutely NEED multiple tabs in this app to really get my team to start using this! Love that the app is now available, but multitab is necessary. Excited to start using!


It’s so pretty!! This is great ~ thank you for organizing my work life AND my desktops :heart_eyes_cat:

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Wow this is very exciting! Congrats to the team, looking forward to test it out!

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Thank you! Now I do not need to have a browser open just for Asana!

And… where do I submit #productfeedback for macOS app? Version 1.1.0 causes Activity Monitor to beachball profusely. System and the Asana app remain as responsive as ever, only the Activity Monitor develops beachballs.

Thanks everyone for sharing your feedback! If you’d like to request new features or updates for the Desktop app I’d highly recommend creating a new thread in our #productfeedback category so we can track votes from other users as well! :slight_smile:

@Russ_Friedson and @Sean_Santana, I recommend you to contact our support team and share more details about the issue so we can investigate further: How to contact our Support Team ✉

Very excited to try this out, thank you!

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Yes! Downloaded it yesterday! So glad to see this. I was one of the many who requested this years ago. Thank you! Makes getting to Asana much quicker. No more finding the tab.

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Downloaded and giving ago… I have been using the Chrome App version for a while so look forward to trying this out.

@Phil_Seeman thanks for the History View button pointer. Love that already…



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COLUMN WIDTH : Again it is FIXED WIDTH, NOT ADJUSTABLE. Hence not able to see the full title of task


Also, zoom is required, in order to see columns

Unfortunately functions are missing. please notify when the desktop version is with - at least - all browser functionality


Hi @Eytan_Meisels and welcome to the forum!

It might be helpful to Asana to know what specifically is missing in the desktop app that you’re wanting to see; can you elaborate some on what’s important to you that’s not there?


3rd party plugin stuff is a big one! Asana for the web has great 3rd party plugins like with Everhour or Harvest. Not sure if they’ve opened up any area for these 3rd parties to port those plugins over to the desktop app.



In detail view right click in browser open a full menu, including access to link pasted there.

In the app right click has only copy, cut, etc.

I have not yet checked the app more, but without these short cuts / right click work with the app is too slow.




Exciting news!! And takes 0 time to learn since it’s identical to the web version :smiley:

Is there a way to always launch the app on startup?

Hi @Zaraida_Diaz thank you so much!

It’s as user friendly as the site version, which is great!

Quick feedback:

  • On the Asana Admin page I can’t find a way to close the window. Is perhaps a “close” button missing?
  • Will you support opening multiple sessions of the destkop app? This is useful when you have multiple projects to look at.

Keep up the good work!


Would be great if it included integrations. Unfortunately useless to my team without Everhour. Excited to see this moving along, though!


Thank you so much for this. It appears that to work offline, I first have to access each area of my account while online. After I’ve done that for the first time, I can then make changes offline. Is that correct? It seems to require clicking on every task to populate it before going offline. Any shortcuts would be most appreciated.

Offline use is not supported, at least in this initial version of the desktop app. There might be some local caching that allows for some limited use while offline, but I don’t think I would count on it working reliably.

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