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Any plans for a desktop app to be created? This would be much more appealing to larger companies, having to use the browser is limiting the platform in my eyes.


Welcome to the Forum @Harry_Nixon and thank you for reaching out and for your feedback!

I don’t have any updates on this topic at the moment but I would encourage you to upvote the existing threads we have in the #productfeedback category:

I’ll make sure to update both threads as soon as I hear anything on my end.

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Hi @Harry_Nixon,

You might also want to take a look at this app in development, Desksana.

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Hello! One more advocate for a desktop app!
I am really surprised there is no such. I have just started using it and this another one browser tab is not a lovely experience at all.
Please do think about this. A lot of other task manager software are available in a desktop version.


How does Asana not have a desktop app? In my eyes it’s the most gorgeous task management software and I love using it but I’ve left and gone to Trello or Monday just because of this reason. I have to imagine there are TONS of other people doing the same.


Is there any update to the request for a desktop app? This would be extremely helpful.


A desktop app is something we all want but I have found an alternative that works really well.
It basically creates Asana as its own application with icon etc so you can easily find it.

Screenshot 2021-02-22 at 11.00.34

It’s called Flotato >>>

Just download the app, and click “make your own”, fill in the url and log in to Asana. Done! Took me about 2 minutes to do and didn’t cost anything.

Btw, I am not affiliated with them in any way - just worked really well.

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Woah @Chris_Nicholl I haven’t dug in super far yet but of all the research i’ve done trying to find a solution for an asana desktop app, this seems like hands down the best. thank you!

This creates an app-like experience for me – icon in the dock and everything – on the Mac with Chrome:

Took the steps from here:
Stack Exchange answer

  • go to asana via Chrome
  • click on three dots on Chrome window on top right
  • select “more tools”
  • select “Create Shortcut” + make sure to tick ‘open in new window’

Hi everyone!

Today I’m delighted to announce that we’ve opened up Early Access to the new Asana for Desktop application! :tada: Please find all details in our announcement:

Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback!