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I’m back working on our lightweight Asana client for the Mac, Prana. If you want to be notified and participate in early versions, sign up at We plan to have an early version in March. Reading expected API changes, not earlier than mid-March since “My Tasks” lists are going to be affected by these upcoming changes.

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Just want to log another vote here for a native Mac OS app for Asana.
And will be keeping an eye on Prana.

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+1 for a native desktop app. Both Mac and Windows.

when I try to go to your site, I get a pop up in Safari saying your site is trying to edit my system settings… what are those ?

Hi @Mandeep,

I guess you’re talking about I have no idea what that would be - I’ve not gotten any reports of it nor does anything like that come up for me in Safari on that site URL.

Can you take a screenshot of what you’re seeing and send it to me in a Private Message here? Thanks!

Hi Phil,

Please see screenshots below:

I remain curious to try Desksana…

Let’s move this to a Private Message thread, @Mandeep - I’ll reply to you privately. I’m baffled why you would be getting that message - the site is definitely protected by a certificate - but I don’t want to clutter up the Asana forum with detailed Desksana discussions.

Our team is switching from right now and while we’re happy about Asana as an overall improvement, we’re bummed that there isn’t a dedicated desktop app. Web browsers fill up with too many tabs, it’s really helpful to have a dedicated app for a tool as important as Asana. Yes, I know you can drag a tab out and make it a dedicated app, but it’s not as straightforward and there is a good chance most of the team won’t do that. +1 to dedicated MacOS app.



Whomever is monitoring from the Asana end: Can we find out when Asana will enable the iPad App to be used on M1 Macs? This should just be a checkbox in Xcode that will enable it to run on my new M1-based Mac. I am using this for dozens of other apps, and do not understand why Asana hasn’t done this since last October.


Great news!
I was able to create a native Asana application for macOS. The link to the disk image holding the file is here:
However, since I used the Fluid app creator for this, some features are still paid, such as entering fullscreen through the window controls or pinning to the menu bar. Asana has no affiliation with this SDK.

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Hi, everyone.

Finally happy to announce that the first alpha version of our native lightweight Mac client, Prana, of which I was writing about before, is out. It’s not a web wrapper around Asana’s site, so it’s small, light and has different interactions. Prana’s goal is not to replace the web app but to complement it, giving its users easier access to “My Tasks”, quick filter and common operations, like creating new tasks, completing them and seeing the details. Head over to the app site, Prana, or to our Prana forum (just like that one). As the application is still in development, we’ll appreciate any feedback to guide its direction to your needs, within our vision. Requires macOS 10.15 (Catalina) or later.

Does Asana not have a desktop app? Working solely in the browser is annoying.

I would love this!

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Hi @Sara_Skowronski & @Yara_Enamorado
You can have a look at this post Native Windows App for Offline Use?
Desktop Asana app

Welcome to the Asana Community Forum, @Yara_Enamorado! As it stands, we don’t offer an Asana desktop app. We already have a thread on this topic so I’ve gone ahead and merged this post with Desktop Asana app to consolidate feedback!

Agreed, although the iOS apps are lacking in quite a few areas and due for a complete overhaul in my opinion. Would love to see a proper standalone desktop app, especially for the vast majority of users who will not be upgraded anytime soon to M-series processors that can run iOS versions of software. I think Apple’s universal code allows x86 and ARM apps to be packaged up together, which would be nice, but obviously require more resources.

This creates an app-like experience for me – icon in the dock and everything – on the Mac with Chrome:

Took the steps from here:
Stack Exchange answer

  • go to asana via Chrome
  • click on three dots on Chrome window on top right
  • select “more tools”
  • select “Create Shortcut” + make sure to tick ‘open in new window’

Hi everyone!

Today I’m delighted to announce that we’ve opened up Early Access to the new Asana for Desktop application! :tada: Please find all details in our announcement:

Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback!


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