Desktop Asana app

when I try to go to your site, I get a pop up in Safari saying your site is trying to edit my system settings… what are those ?

Hi @Mandeep,

I guess you’re talking about I have no idea what that would be - I’ve not gotten any reports of it nor does anything like that come up for me in Safari on that site URL.

Can you take a screenshot of what you’re seeing and send it to me in a Private Message here? Thanks!

Hi Phil,

Please see screenshots below:

I remain curious to try Desksana…

Let’s move this to a Private Message thread, @Mandeep - I’ll reply to you privately. I’m baffled why you would be getting that message - the site is definitely protected by a certificate - but I don’t want to clutter up the Asana forum with detailed Desksana discussions.

Our team is switching from right now and while we’re happy about Asana as an overall improvement, we’re bummed that there isn’t a dedicated desktop app. Web browsers fill up with too many tabs, it’s really helpful to have a dedicated app for a tool as important as Asana. Yes, I know you can drag a tab out and make it a dedicated app, but it’s not as straightforward and there is a good chance most of the team won’t do that. +1 to dedicated MacOS app.