New Task RETURN keyboard shortcut should not be modal

The keyboard shortcut to add a new task within the current project only works if the current DOM focus is on another task, i.e. it’s an invisibly modal function. There’s no keyboard command to let you create a new task within a project without having to mouse into the tasks area. (This is also the case with any other task-specific keyboard shortcut, like selection, next/previous, etc.)

Plus, RETURN isn’t even consistent because if you’re focused on a task and press RETURN, it makes the selected task editable, and you have to press RETURN again to create a new item.

Tab-Q creates a new task but doesn’t inherit the project of whatever view you’re in, and doesn’t afford quickly adding multiple items, so it’s not a good keyboard shortcut. (Use case: reviewing a project, noticing it needs to have additional items added to it.)

It’s also sort of shocking that Tab-N creates a new section rather than a new task. “New item” is modifier-key + N in just about every other system on the planet. The core item in asana is tasks, not project subsections. Seems really bad design to have made the mnemonic Tab-N not be “new task”.