Is there a way to create a new Asana project instance directly from a hyperlink?

I am a PM who is relatively new to Asana, and I have recently joined a team that has been using Asana inconsistently for the past few years. I want to create a streamlined intake process for my mostly non-technical team members to be able to submit new project requests in Asana based off of a custom project template.

I am trying to avoid instructing users to go through the technical, multi-step process of: Go into Asana > click the orange +New button > click “Project” > click the “By [organization name]” tab > click on the relevant custom template > on the “Add project details” form, input the project’s name > click “Create project.”

Instead, I want to be able to feature a hyperlink in our internal process documentation that points directly to the custom template, and when clicked, opens a new instance of the “Add project details” form, so that users only have to input the project’s name and click “Create project.” New projects requests will later be triaged in a weekly stakeholder meeting and task details will be filled-in if a project is greenlighted.

I attempt to achieve this by going to the new projects menu, right-clicking and copying the hyperlink to the custom template. It produces a hyperlink that looks like the following with a unique 16-digit number at the end: [ 16-digit number ]

When I test the process in either the Chrome or the MS Edge browser, I get redirected to my Asana home page without the “Add project details” form being displayed. I would be grateful for any suggestions on how to get around the redirect, or else any other streamlined means of ushering a user directly into a new instance of the “Add project details” form.


Hi @Joe_Martin Welcome to the community.

Sorry I don’t think what you are after is possible directly within Asana. You probably could use Zapier or the API but not 100% sure.

The solution maybe to adjust your workflow. One Option could be that instead of creating projects you use Tasks and Sub Task.

  • You have a template Task that has a list of information that they need to enter be that in a formatted Description Field or Sub Tasks.
  • You can then give them a Hyper Link directly to that task.
  • Using the Duplicate Tasks Function they can duplicate the task, complete the information as need.
  • Then at your Stakeholder meeting you have just one project with multiple tasks to review and then if the project gets up then a new project can be created based on the relevant template and the task can be added to that new project.

Hope this helps…


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Would new projects all be under same Team. I am thinking through if my Sendana Add would streamline. .

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Hi All,

Thanks for the help. My team is going to go with a variation on the process that @Jason_Woods suggested. I had originally thought this might be the most efficient way to achieve my goal in Asana, but I had hoped that there would be a more elegant native solution, as this process involves a lot of steps, and the upstream ability to capture data that is later converted into the project is very limited (ie: cannot capture sub-tasks within in the form and later have them converted/promoted to being full tasks later when the parent task is promoted to a project). Really appreciate the suggestions!