Create Project as per template using developer API




In Asana There is the ability to launch new projects using templates with pre defined subtask, timelines and assignments.

I would like to set this up so each “TYPE” has a specific template that is used.

I would like to start with WEBSITES as the first one and then we will define the templates for the other TYPEs as we go.



Templates are not part of the API yet, @Matt_Bramlage maybe you can provide more insights?


Any ETA on creating projects from templates via API?


Asana never gives any ETA on features… :frowning:


Please asana enable creating projects from templates via API. Would make the tool so much more powerful!


Nudging this thread - any more news on templates being supported via the API?

We’re starting to use project template extensively, and it would be create to be able to dynamically generate templates based upon external actions, without having to create the entire project step by step via the API.


This is so heavily needed and the first question I get from automation experts I talk to when thinking about switching to Asana.

Sadly, they get disinterested in Asana after hearing you can not utilize premade templates via the API. Things like this are integral when it comes to automation and consistency.


Also looking to create projects from Templates through the API… It seems backwards that we cannot do that.