Create a link from project name to another website

hi, I would like to have a way to create some sort of hyperlink to be able to link the project number to the project website, also, find out if there is a way we can populate some fields from that website.

Hi @vf770s, I don’t think I’m fully understanding your question. Can you clarify what you’re looking to do? For example, I’m not certain what you mean by “project website”. Do you mean the Asana URL to a specific project? When you say ‘project number’ are you referring to the project id? Thanks for clarifying.

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Jeff, the project is website is a an internal site different from the Asana website, basically I would like to create a hyperlink from the project name we give a project in Asana to a different site.

Would like to create a hyperlink within Asana to your site? Or on your internal site back to projects in Asana? Are you looking to write a script and use the Asana API to achieve this? If so, take a look at the API reference documentation. For example, if you are trying to find a project by its name via the API (instead of by its id which is in the URL for a project), you can use the typeahead API.

A hyperlink within Asana to my site, if possible it should be a general link and what should be changed is the project number:

Ie of link from Asana to my site: (123456 would be something that varies every time which should be pulled by a project number field we would like to create.

Is this possible?

Yes, this is possible with the API. You could write a script that uses the Asana API to create custom links in Asana tasks. You could pull the data for the link from within Asana or another data source. Note that there are no vanity URLs yet in Asana.

Ok, could you give me an example? Or walk me through?

Thank you.

Here’s the documentation for updating a task, which includes an example in cURL: Build an app with Asana

And here’s how to make a comment on a task: Build an app with Asana

This should be a relatively straightforward script for a developer to build. If you don’t have an internal developer, there are developers familiar with Asana that you could hire to build it.